Treatment For Low Testosterone In Men

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There is a good reason boys go crazy in their early teens. Their hormone levels are at their peak, but as men get older, these levels decrease slowly. Low testosterone in men can have adverse effects, but there is treatment available.

Testosterone levels will never drop to zero, but if you experience fatigue, low libido, or loss of muscle mass, you should consult with a family doctor right away. It is not just older men who experience these symptoms, but younger men can also face the same problems. If you are a young man, a drop in your hormone levels can indicate liver problems, diabetes, or kidney disease.

There are also genetic causes including Myotonic dystrophy and Prader-Willis syndrome. Other causes include pituitary gland tumors, HIV, and chemotherapy. Only an experienced doctor can recognize the causes of low hormone levels.

Not every man with this condition will need treatment. A physician first assesses the symptoms and family history before prescribing the right treatment. There are also many supplements that will help boost your energy levels. For the short term, you may be given oral supplements. Other treatments include weight loss and lifestyle changes such as exercising and eating healthier.

Once you undergo treatment such as supplementation, there is a chance that your sperm count will never return to what it was before. Men over the age of 50 should consider alternatives that will preserve their sperm production if having children is a priority. There is an alternative drug called SERM that works better than supplementation.

The bottom line is that if you experience the above symptoms, it is important to see a family doctor right away. Once your physician has ruled out more serious causes of your symptoms, (high blood pressure or thyroid issues) he or she can offer treatment that will improve the quality of your life and increase energy.

For more information, contact Metro MediSpa at 888-637-7228.


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