Important Things To Know About Andropause For Men

young man at beach

Just about everyone has heard about menopause. This is the time of life during which a woman’s menstrual cycle comes to a stop and her body ceases to produce a generous amount of estrogen. What many people are surprised to discover, however, is that there is a similar phase for men. This is called andropause for men and it generally occurs in a man’s mid to late thirties or early forties. It is a gradual process and a very challenging one.

Most men notice that losing weight becomes more difficult at this time of life. In fact, they are also more prone to packing pounds on. As natural testosterone production declines, the male metabolism invariably slows down. Although guys may be eating much the same as they always have in the past, their body compositions start to change.

It is important to note that a decrease in natural testosterone production also affects the way in which muscles are built. Guys tend to have a harder time building and maintaining lean muscle when they have a limited amount of testosterone. This only further compounds their recent weight gain given that muscle tissues help the body burn fat and that guys need lots of them in order for their metabolisms to remain healthy and robust.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference is a marked decrease in energy. Guys simply do not have the stamina that they once did at this stage of life. Working out can be more challenging and being intimate with their significant others can become more daunting.

Emotional changes can occur. Less testosterone upsets the balance of hormones that many males have maintained all of their adult lives. Although guys don’t have a lot of estrogen, they do have some. As their primarily male hormone production declines, the balance of estrogen increases so that depression, crying and other emotional issues can also arise.

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