What You Should Know About Testosterone Therapy in Wilmington, NC

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It is not uncommon for older men to experience a significant decline in energy from their younger days. In fact, they may experience a host of other symptoms as well. These can include moodiness, changes in appetite and body composition, a greater tendency to cry, a diminished ability to build and retain lean muscle and a decrease in both sexual stamina and desire. All of these developments are the direct result of age-related, hormonal changes. Following is everything you need to know about testosterone therapy in Wilmington, NC


Working with medical professionals may be the best way for some men to achieve mood balance and reach their personal health and fitness goals. Doctors can prescribe replacement hormones that are bioidentical to the natural hormones lost. While this won’t stop the natural aging process, it can certainly make it easier.

Guys are often encouraged first to do everything they can to improve their health on their own including maintaining healthy and nutrient-dense diet plans, working out regularly and drinking plenty of water. They should also join a smoking cessation program when applicable and limit their intake of alcohol. Changes like these could limit the need for additional treatments by improving overall health and functioning.

Hormone replacement therapies are not without side effects. It is important to know what these are. Your provider will talk to you about the associated risks and different strategies for mitigating them. When starting at the minimum effective dose, side effects are often unlikely and thus, extreme dosing schedules are discouraged.

It is also important to consult with a medical professional before using prohormone products, legal steroids or any other, similar products found online. Reputable, ethical professionals will always outline the benefits and drawbacks of these things for their patients. This information allows people to make informed decisions that are in line with their personal and health goals.

For more information on testosterone therapy contact Metro MediSpa at 888-637-7228 or 910-599-9925.k


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