Learn To Recognize Low Testosterone Symptoms

metro-medispa-low-testosterone-wilmington-ncMen’s health is linked to their hormonal balances at each stage of their lives. When things become imbalanced, there could be a variety of adverse side effects, which can be treated. Being able to recognize low testosterone symptoms can help a man deal with the changes more effectively.

Testosterone is very prominent in males. It controls gender specific characteristics like deep voices, hairy chests, facial hair, muscle mass, and genital development. This substance also accounts for factors such as increased aggression, energy, sex drive and sperm production.

It is normal for a man to experience higher levels in the morning than in the evening, simply as a matter of biology. However, in early adulthood, the range is typically very healthy, contributing to male virility. Around the age of 40 production begins to steadily decline naturally, though there are factors that might result in an early onset of the condition.

Low testosterone is now more frequently and accurately diagnosed due to improved testing capabilities.  More men are tested because there is less stigma is attached to it.

Some symptoms attached to low testosterone in men are a noticeable decline in aggression, stamina, energy, motivation, strength, and concentration. Physical matters like muscle aches, fatigue, osteoporosis, swollen breasts, hair loss, are also common. The thing that alarms many men most is the onset of frequent erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosis should be done by a qualified physician as the symptoms can also be due to medications, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, or diabetes. Lower readings might further be contributed to testicular cancer, groin injury, liver or kidney disease, obesity, or diabetes.  By conducting some tests, the doctor will be able to determine the cause and formulate a treatment plan.

For more information, contact Metro MediSpa at 888-637-7228 or 910-599-9925.


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