Understanding The Importance Of Testosterone Levels In Men

Experienced DoctorHormones have a huge influence on the way a person develops both physically and mentally. They can greatly affect many different areas of an individual’s overall health. Imbalanced testosterone levels in men have been known to have several varied benefits and drawbacks.

This particular hormone is produced in a man’s testicles and is responsible for certain distinguishing characteristics. These include physical matters such as the development of male facial and body hair, the enlargement of genitalia, muscle mass, fat distribution, and a deepening of the voice. It can also influence libido, sperm production, aggression, and energy.

The level of this hormone can change as a man grows older, though it generally peaks in his twenties. Typically, around age forty, there tends to be a significant decline. Any alterations, high or low, no matter how old the subject is, could have a profound impact on many aspect of one’s health.

High counts are not really common in men on the upper end of middle age, unless they are receiving hormone therapy or receiving steroidal treatments of some sort. Although the higher reading can help regulate blood pressure and lower the chance of heart attack and obesity, it can also increase a man’s likelihood to smoke, become aggressive, or participate in hazardous activities or risky sexual behaviors. When due to anabolic steroid use, the results could be quite detrimental.

Low readings could indicate that one is entering a life phase known as andropause, which is similar to what women experience with menopause. They could start to notice a decline in their strength, energy, libido, and energy, while also feeling more fatigued, depressed, and less able to concentrate. The most common symptom is erectile dysfunction.

Testing is required to obtain a proper diagnosis, as many of the symptoms could be due to other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid dysfunctions. Certain medications may also mimic the signs of low-T. One should consult with their doctor to better understand their situation and options.

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